Silly Texas man who likes Star Trek, Batman, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and 50s schlock. I'm also a big fan of Bettie Page, Elvis, old Hollywood glamour, and most retro. I'm easily distracted by bright shiny things. Or boobs. Or bright shiny boobs.



I ordered myself a pillowcase to see if the print looks okay, and it looks great! Soo…

If you want Worf to approve of your house and tea: pillowcases and mugs are available now!

cute fluffy cow not included


if you ask me why DS9 is best Star Trek, i’ll probably say “amazing acting, writing and character development, uncommonly dark tone, station as a home/Wild West allegory instead of HERE WE GO IN A SPACESHIP TO sAVE THE DAY, tons of antagonist development AS WELL as protags, linear/continuing storyline, wonderful diverse ensemble cast and actual queer characters”

but I’ll really be thinking “Worf in the baseball game episode.”

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oh my god i am glad someone giffed this, because i tried once and i was laughing too hard to continue

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